Unlock The Power Of Algorithms, Automations With Machine Learning, And Artificial Intelligence To Effortlessly Discover And Engage With ACTIVE Home Buyers And Sellers...

Right In Your Local Area.

If you want to generate more real estate leads and work with more local clients...

without cold calling, door knocking, or going to networking events...

Watch the entire video (AUDIO ON) and checkout all the information on this page.

We Will Install Client Acquisition Systems Into Your Real Estate Business That YOU OWN.

“Secure Deals On The Fly With RealAgentPro.ai

Join 200+ Realtors And Mortgage Brokers That Dominate Their Local Area With Their OWN

Real Estate Client Acquisition Systems

Into The RAP.ai Client Records

(Case Studies)

Brad Marschke - "The Real Positive Realtor"

Brad came to us a new, skeptical, Realtor just starting to get his feet wet in Real Estate. He was starting to build his online presence and didn't have a method of generating consistent leads...

After working with us, Brad ended up closing 4 deals in a single month and acquired a 4x Return On his own Investment Vehicle we set up for him.

Don J. The Broker With 30 Years Of Experience

Before we met Don, he was a successful broker struggling to create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy that would compliment his booming business.

We connected with Don online and began to work together to build a Real Estate Client Acquisition System that would keep his growing sales team busy with opportunities.

Within a few months of launching Don's new Client Acquisition System, Don landed a 73 home townhouse project valued at over $25,000,000, and his sales team closed out a $500,000 deal shortly after.

Jeremie Hughes The Top Producer

Jeremie came to us a newer, hungry agent looking to take his real estate business to the next level. He knew he needed to do more, but he didn't have the time to install and manage more Real Estate Client Acquisition systems in his business on his own.

It was a rocky start for Jeremie, but with his persistence and drive he trusted the process...and it paid off for him.

Jeremie has closed $1,800,000+ from his new Client Acquisition System we installed into his business, helping him on his journey of becoming a Top Producer in Ottawa.

He is continuing to build up his database with opportunities every single day and is fully preparing himself for 2024.

Rony V. The Busy Broker

Rony is a successful broker that came to us looking for some assistance with his Digital Marketing Efforts. He was already doing great, but he was looking for some help "cracking the code" to Online Real Estate Lead Generation.

Our team installed for Rony his very own Digital Client Acquisition System so that he could open up more lead flow to his already successful brokerage.

In his first 28 days of launching his system, Rony and his team had generated a total of 96 leads, which he converted into over a dozen quality conversations and appointments with 4 pending closings.

"This is a great system, not only are you generating leads...but you're generating the right kind of leads."


Before Courtney Came to us she relied completely on her sphere and referrals. Due to the rise in rates and also overall slowdown in the market she was not getting the same traction as before.

We came into her Real Estate Business at the beginning of 2024 and within the first 2 weeks of us launching her system she generated 5 leads where 1 became an active client for her.


Iris (A retired software engineer) was a brand new Realtor with no prior experience in Real Estate or sales.

She was having a hard time with FSBOs and door knocking, so she decided to take a zoom call with us to see the way we were booking up calendars.... The rest is history.

She literally needed to pause our system because of the overflow of appointments she was receiving from out Ai bot!

Not bad for the Rookie.

Connie E. The Team Lead

When we first met Connie she was just starting to build her real estate team and needed some assistance with keeping her new teammates busy.

After we installed her team with their own Real Estate Client Acquisition System, they were quick to see results.

Within just a few weeks Connies team was working with some stellar opportunities, one Client closing out within the 3rd week of launching her new system we installed for her, giving her team their first ever deal (with more to follow).

What if you had Investment Vehicle in your business that Doubles Your Money year after year...

How It Works

Unlike other digital marketing platforms, our programs are specifically designed for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers looking to grow their business exponentially.

1) We Install Real Estate Client Acquisition Systems In Your Business

Unleash the power of algorithms.

You will receive client acquisition systems in your business, meaning more opportunities, MORE DEALS, and more active home buyers and sellers coming TO YOU for your help.

You Will Receive Client Acquisition Systems For Your Business That YOU Own.

2) You'll Convert More Leads Into Deals With


We'll setup RealAgentPro.aiCRM in your business FOR FREE. You will have access for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Integrate and manage your lead flow using the power of pre-built Elite Automations With Machine Learning and

Artificial Intelligence.

Follow up with active home buyers and sellers effectively at scale!

3) We Provide Ongoing Support And Will Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Save massive amounts of your time, money, and energy by having our team manage everything.

You'll have your own Digital Assets generating you new opportunities, and our team will be there for support and management to ensure your success.

Get FULL Support From Our Team!

Into The RAP.ai Records

(Case Studies)

June The Realtor

June came to us looking for a way to expand her business beyond referrals, as she was relying too heavily on them.

Our team started working with June to develop her own Online Client Acquisition system so she could massively expand her client network and become well known in her local area.

We then provided her with elite ongoing support she required to ensure success with her new system.

Jay The Mortgage Broker

Jay came to us with an ineffective online presence. He was new to the changing world of online marketing, lead generation & client acquisition.

Once we installed Jay's new Client Acquisition System into his business, Jay saw results immediately.

In the same day we launched his new system, Jay acquired 4-5 good leads along with multiple other opportunities that would see fruition in the future.

Matt The Doorknockin' Hustler

Matt was already quickly scaling his real estate business when we first met using his doorknocking strategy.

Matt was looking for more ways he could find and work with more clients, WITHOUT taking away from the success he was having doorknocking.

After working with us, Matt had a new way of acquiring clients installed into his business, AND he had the tools and the team to manage everything for him so he could continue to maximize his success doorknocking.

Elizabeth The New Agent

Elizabeth was a brand new agent when she met us and didn't have much set up in terms of generating new leads or acquiring more clients.

With so much conflicting information and scams in the marketplace today, Elizabeth like most Agents, was skeptical before working with us.

She soon realized we were no joke as we began working closely with her. In a short amount of time after launching her new Client Acquisition System, Elizabeths phone was blowing up with active home buyers and sellers in her local market.

What Our Clients Get Access To:

Access To The RealAgentPro.ai Community

Join our rapidly growing Client Community.

Connect with Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers across North America and grow together.

Receive ongoing coaching and support, access to rollplaying sessions, and more coming soon in our RAP.ai Community!

Access To RealAgentPro.ai CRM

Gain access to cutting edge software that will help you with your follow up and managing leads.

Directly integrate your assets to seamlessly generate leads from your website, texts & emails, social media direct messages (DM's), and more!

The "All-In-One" Tool.

Elite Conversion Training

The sale in today's era is won or lost at "Hello".

Learn how to effectively follow-up with new opportunities and convert them into your paying clients!

Get access to scripts, appointment setting training, coaching, and more!

"The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up"

What are our Clients saying?

How We Are Trusted, See What

Our Clients Have Said About Us


Brad M.

The Real Positive Realtor & Pastor

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for both of you and how thankful I am that I met you guys and decided to partner with your team.

The commission earned from this client alone is going to 4x ROI with you guys and it's going to be a massive WIN for myself, my family, and our system!"


Don J.


"Good morning Brother. I have some good news. Your digital marketing helped me land a 73 home townhouse project valued at over $25,000,000.

I will give you the details when we chat again on Monday. Thank you Brett. YOU are the BEST!"


Rony V.


"I can tell you this right now, this is a GREAT system. Not only are you generating your own leads, but you're generating the RIGHT KIND of leads... because not every lead is created equal.

You have to have the right campaigns, the right message because when you don't have the right message is you attract the wrong crowd."

Into The RAP.ai Records

(Case Studies)

Heather M. The Mortgage Master

We met Heather, from Portland, through a mutual partnership with one of our Broker Clients. Heather was looking to "plug-in" to the success we were already achieving with her Broker partner, and decided to partner with us.

With our combined efforts, and within just 1 or 2 weeks, Heather had 2 great leads in her pipeline and was already working on getting her new clients pre-approved.

Tyler G. The Appointment Slinger

Tyler was a hardworking Agent in the San Diego market in need of some quick opportunities for his sales pipeline. We connected and stared working immediately to create a Client Acquisition System for Tyler so he could attract more sales appointments for his business.

Within just a few hours of launching his system Tyler was getting results. On his first day he booked multiple appointments (valued @ over $1M in sales revenue) and started working with new clients.

"Most action I've ever had..."

Brianna S. The New Realtor

Brianna was a brand new New York Realtor when she came to us. We consulted on Briannas situation and came up with a plan on how we could setup a predictable system in her new business to start attracting her very first client.

Brianna went through our entire Elite Conversion Training Program and put it into action immediately.

Within her first month she sent multiple new clients to get pre-approved, and after her first buyers pre-approval got accepted...she started working with her very first client!

Trevor C. The Creator

Trevor is a powerful content creator and when we first met he mentioned his concern with us about being burned by another marketing agency he was working with.

We consulted with Trevor and identified he already had a database with leads that were untapped.

We installed our Client Reactivation System in Trevors business and booked 7 appointments from his "Dead" leads in under 48 hours.

Amanda D. The Realtor

When Amanda came to us, she was like many others who "aren't techy", looking for a way to get more business online but with all the new technologies and platforms, it left her head spinning.

Amanda knew she had to find help in this area and when we first met she was skeptical she could actually use this "tech stuff" to find local leads in her area.

Within the first hour of launching her new Client Acquisition System that we installed for her, Amanda had already generated 2 leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you generate leads for my business?

Struggling with inconsistent lead flow? Or maybe just looking for more lead sources to multiply your database?

Specifically for Lead Generation we install badass Facebook (& Instagram) Client Acquisition Systems in our Clients businesses - to find active home buyers and sellers in their local area.

Included are Organic Strategies that don't require spending money.

We also give our clients elite level copywriting and followup automations with all their campaigns ensuring they convert at the highest level.

How else will this benefit me?

This will help you and your real estate business in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Massive exposure on your social profiles. Get more engagement on your content.

  • Become well known and recognized in your local area.

  • Build authority in your network.

  • Meet new people and have new business opportunities come to you every day, automatically.

  • Grow your team using your new Client Acquisition Assets.

Is there a long term commitment?

There are no long term commitments.

Although there are no commitments, we strive to be your Partner long term through providing you with amazing products and services, including a steady stream of new opportunities and clients for years to come.

What makes you different than the others out out there?

We take care of our Clients. We don't just "send you leads", we work together to build you powerful Client Gettin' Assets that you can use to secure more clients for your real estate business.

You will have direct access to our team at all times, ensuring your success.

Our Core Values include:

1 ) We're Results Driven for each and every Client, we ensure your results by hyper focusing on them.

2 ) We're Fully Transparent with all of our Clients, we have nothing to hide.

3 ) We're Relationship Focused, we want to build relationships with our Clients as well as help our Clients build relationships with active home buyers and sellers in their local area.

What support do I get?

1 On 1 Private Slack Channel Support. Huddle with our team anytime during business hours, get your questions answered quickly in your own Slack Support Channel!

Get access to ongoing Strategy Sessions to dial in your Campaigns with our team.

Our team is with you every step of the way - have our entire team right in your pocket for whenever you need us.

What are my next steps if I'm interested?

Hit the big red button anywhere on this page!

You will be directed to an application form where you can apply and book your One-On-One MarketMastery Meeting.

On this meeting we can get to know each other and how we could potentially help each other out. We will provide you with as much value and knowledge as possible on this meeting.

What Our Clients Get Access To:

24/7 Support

Have our entire team right in your pocket.

Reach out to us anytime for any questions or concerns that arise.

Speed To Lead Follow Up With Pre-Built Fully Automated A.I. Campaigns

Follow up effectively if you're just starting to generate leads, or if you're generating leads at scale.

Get access to pre-built, fully automated, follow up campaigns to attract active home buyers and sellers for your real estate business..

Elite 1 On 1 Coaching & Marketing Strategy Sessions

Strategize with Elite Level Real Estate Marketers.

Get access to 1 on 1 coaching with Industry Experts (coming soon).

Our Elite Squad

When You Decide To Work With Us, You'll Have OUR ENTIRE TEAM At Your Side Every Step of The Way

Jon "The Appointment Ace"

Jon is an artist in the field appointment setting. During his time in the field he has booked tens of thousands of appointments or both our team and for our Partners and Clients.

He has trained elite appointment setters that have gone on to replicate his results at scale.

He enjoys hiking, baseball, and hanging out with family during his personal time.

Alex "The Realtor Lead Coach"

Alex is a professional strategist when it comes to Real Estate Agents.

Alex has strategized with over 200 Real Estate Agents to show them the value of improving their Client Acquisition Systems and Sales & Marketing Strategies to attract more clients.

When he's not helping other's Alex enjoys Powerlifting, hanging out with his friends and family, and working on his NON-PROFIT.

Brett "The Operator"

Brett is proficient in the fields of marketing, operations, and tech.

Brett works closely on each of our clients campaigns and has worked with over 200+ clients ensuring the most advanced Client Acquisition Strategies are being utilized.

He enjoy's training in his spare time along with figuring out more ways to help our Clients grow their business.

Into The RAP.ai Records

(RAP.ai System Screenshots)